Star-Studded Cast: Alongside Peter Dinklage, the cast includes Jacob Tremblay, Taylour Paige, Elijah Wood, and Kevin Bacon.

Elijah Wood Joins the Remake: Elijah Wood is part of the cast of the "Toxic Avenger" remake, adding to the film's star power.

Kevin Bacon Joins the Cast: The talented Kevin Bacon is also on board for the remake of "The Toxic Avenger."

Long History of Remake Plans: The idea of remaking "The Toxic Avenger" has been in the works since 2010 when screenwriter Akiva Goldsman took it under his wing.

Changing Directors: Initially, Steve Pink was announced as the director, but the project faced delays.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Involvement: In 2013, Arnold Schwarzenegger was linked to the film, but progress remained stagnant.

New Director, New Hope: The remake of "The Toxic Avenger" is now directed by Macon Blair, known for "I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore."

No Release Date Yet: While excitement builds, the remake's release date remains undisclosed.