Gas Prices Cut by ₹200 Before Voting

As elections get closer, the government wants to help people save money. They've made cooking gas cheaper by ₹200 per cylinder. This is good news for everyone and helps with inflation too.

Saving Money at Home

Guess what? You'll spend less on cooking gas now! They've made it ₹200 cheaper. This is really helpful because things are getting more expensive these days.

Cooking Gas for Poorer Homes

The government has a plan to help poor families get clean cooking gas. They're giving extra help of ₹200. Now, this special plan gives ₹400 in total to those who need it.

Keeping Prices Steady

To stop things from getting more expensive, the government is making cooking gas cheaper. This is a smart move to keep our money safe, especially before voting.

 Making Life Better

More help is coming! They're giving extra help to make sure everyone can cook well. This is because they care about people who need a little extra help.

A Step Towards Fairness

The government is doing a good thing. By making gas cheaper and helping poor families, they're making sure life is better for everyone. This is a nice thing to do, especially before voting.