"What Lord Krishna Loves to Eat"

Discovering Lord Krishna's Favorite Foods

"Lord Krishna's Favorite Snack - Butter and Sugar"

 "Krishna really enjoys butter and sugar. He's famous for playfully taking butter from the homes of milkmaids. It's a sweet way of showing his friendly nature."

"Delicious Makhan Mishri Treat"

 "Makhan (butter) and mishri (rock sugar) make a delightful treat that Lord Krishna loves. People offer it during special prayers and festivals to express love and devotion."

"Krishna's Morning Snack - Poha"

"Krishna also enjoyed poha, which is flattened rice, made lovingly by his foster mother, Yashoda. Poha is a simple and heartwarming offering during Krishna's birthday celebrations."

"Food with a Spiritual Touch"

 "Lord Krishna's favorite foods aren't just tasty; they also have spiritual meaning. Explore the purity of tulsi leaves and the goodness of fruits and milk."