Monalisa's Scarlet Elegance: Steal the spotlight in a red silk saree adorned with golden threadwork, a la Monalisa.

Rati Pandey's Radiant Yellow: Illuminate the ghat with a yellow chanderi silk saree, inspired by Rati Pandey's vibrant style.

Ratan Raajputh's Pretty in Pink: Embrace the prohibition of black with a beautiful pink-hued saree, echoing Ratan Raajputh's charm.

Sonakshi Sinha's Modern Twist: For a contemporary look, don Sonakshi's red pant-style saree with border embroidery.

Ulka Gupta's Lilac Grace: Showcase tradition in Ulka's lilac silk saree featuring red borders and zari embroidery.

Sriti Jha's Subtle Pink Elegance: Opt for comfort in Sriti's light pink chanderi silk saree with golden stripes.

Simone Singh's Carefree Blue: Relax in Simone's blue cotton saree with a quarter-sleeve blouse, exuding ease.

Richa Sony's Artistic Oomph: Add flair with Richa's white hand-painted saree, adorned with floral work.

Shweta Basu Prasad's Silk Splendor: Radiate grace in an orange silk saree inspired by Shweta Basu Prasad.

Rani Chatterjee's Orange Allure: Capture attention in Rani's orange cotton saree with stripes and borders, a perfect Chhath puja ensemble.