Learn what to buy on Dhanteras to ensure success and good fortune in your life and household.

1. Utensils-It is a good idea to replenish your kitchen utensils on Dhanteras, as they are considered a symbol of success.

3. Oil lamps and diyas-It is said that the light from these lamps draws Goddess Lakshmi into your house, banishing evil spirits and gloom.

4. Broom-Buying a broom for the home means that on this auspicious day, poverty will be removed from the home and all the financial worries of the family will be alleviated.

5. Gomti chakra-To ward off the evil eye, it is imperative to keep the Gomti chakra in the home and at work.

6. Electronic items-Dhanteras is the perfect time to upgrade your mobile phone, TV or other electronic gadgets if you've been meaning to.

7. Jewellery-Gold is a symbol of success and wealth.

8. Gold and silver coins- It is customary to buy these coins on this auspicious day as it is believed to bring success, money and good fortune.

9. Idols of gods and goddesses-it symbolizes devotion, worship, and the welcoming of divine blessings into one's home.

10. New clothes: Purchasing new clothing for the Diwali festivities on Dhanteras is a habit that represents the start of something lovely and new.